About Me

Welcome to Floofy Cat Crochet!

My name is Karen Clark and I am the owner of Floofy Cat Crochet.  I love to crochet, and taught myself how to crochet a while ago.  Since that time I have been non-stop crocheting and completely loving it.  From starting to learn I’ve already come up with a few of my own crochet patterns, and I hope that as I continue to crochet I’ll be able to design many more!  Currently I have an online store on Etsy, which you can find HERE

Me wearing the first hat I crocheted.

Why did I call my site “Floofy Cat Crochet”?  That’s a simple one!  I have a super adorable, completely “floofy” cat and I love to crochet.  My floofy cat, Amber is the inspiration for the name.

Amber the Floofy Cat!

Why did I decide to learn to crochet?  Well the answer to that is simple, but the circumstances gives it an interesting story.  I learned to crochet because I wanted something to do while I waited for my mom to undergo radiation treatments.

Back in March 2015 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This was the most devastating news I have ever encountered.  It was made worse by the fact that my grandmother (my mom’s mom) died of breast cancer 14 years ago.  Thankfully my mom’s cancer was caught at one of the earliest stages.  She’s already undergone all her chemo and all her radiation treatments.  Her tests have come back with no new signs of cancer, and for that I am so grateful and relieved.  I hope that she never has the cancer return.

But that is her story.  You could say that my story that lead to me learning to crochet started way back when I was young (maybe 6 or so), and was obsessed with yarn.  I always loved crafts and when I learned how to braid, I ended up buying lots of yarn to braid bracelets!  I also tried to knit, but I was left handed and had no one who was left handed to teach me.  I also just didn’t take to it well at all.  Years went by, and I stopped being as creative.  I took some art classes in high school but never stuck to it.  By university I was majoring in the sciences, and I stopped drawing and doing anything creative.

I graduated with a Honors Bachelor of Science (Biology Major), and went through various part time jobs before landing a full time job at a Pharmaceutical CRO company 4 years ago (April 2011).  By the time March 2015 came around, I was miserable at the company I worked for.  I was very depressed and unhappy, and had been considering leaving my job.  Then mom’s diagnosis came, and it felt life shattering despite her having a very good prognosis.  I still stayed at my job though, but it became increasingly difficult.  I’d fight bursting into tears at any moment because I was not dealing with what was happening to my mom well at all.

To add to all that, after my mom’s 3rd chemo treatment (she had 6 in total over the course of over 18 weeks) my mom ended up getting a blood clot in her leg (a side effect of chemo).  She was in the hospital for over a week.  During this time, I decided I could not deal with my job anymore, and I gave my company my two weeks notice.   I gave my notice in July 2015.  During this time I helped my parents out, and also took time to enjoy a summer off.  My mom’s chemo treatments finally ended, and she was given a few weeks rest before going to radiation treatments.

We had decided that I would drive my mom to her daily radiation treatments, as my dad is working and was not able to drive her there on a daily basis and I was no longer working.  My mom also still had (and still has) problems with her leg that had the blood clot.  She needs to rest more frequently and put her leg up for circulation.  She wears a compression stocking, but still needs to rest and so going by transit was not an option so it made sense for me to be her driver.  It was a good thing I left my job, because life would have been much more difficult before the radiation treatments and during them.

About two weeks before my mom’s treatments started, I decided I wanted to be able to do more than just read a book while I waited for her treatment to be done.  I believe the reason I thought of learning to crochet was because as a child I had tried to knit, couldn’t and remember hearing crocheting was easier.  So I thought, hey why not?  I’m not working and I have time to kill when waiting.  So I picked up a learn to crochet book from Walmart and tried my first crochet item…which turned out horribly and I almost gave up.  Reading from the crochet book was horribly confusing.  I think if I had tried it back when I was 6 I would have failed.  However, we now have youtube and video tutorials so I was able to succeed at learning!  I tried watching a few video tutorials for crochet and realized that this was the way I could learn.  After about a week, crocheting made so much more sense.  It probably also helped that I decided to learn how to crochet right handed, instead of left handed.  I know that there are left handed videos out there, but I imagine there are a lot less of them, and honestly the crochet hook just felt right being in my right hand.  (I can only write with my left hand though, so I’m not ambidextrous! lol)

I made my first granny square lap blanket, and was hooked from there!

My first afghan blanket.

Each time I went to my mom’s radiation treatment with her I’d bring my afghan and work at it.  I even started a second afghan blanket.  By then I had family and friends telling me I should sell crochet items, and so I learned to make scarves, hats, cowls and mitts and decided to do just that on my Etsy Store.

So this is my (very long winded) story!  I hope to never have to crochet in a waiting room for radiation ever again, but I certainly love my new skill!  I’ve improved greatly since I started and am so happy that I learned how.  Learning to crochet and continuing to crochet gives me a sense of peace and happiness that I hadn’t felt in many years.  I hope that my blogging can help bring you joy and happiness as well, and that you’ve enjoyed my story.

-Karen Clark