Winter Ice Infinity Scarf (Free Pattern)

If you live in Canada, you’ll know that our selection of yarn is a lot more limited than yarn sold in the United States.  (If you live in the United States, I envy your yarn stores and selection! :)) I mostly get my yarn from the Michaels near my house as I don’t live too close to other yarn stores, so I’m very limited to the types of yarn I get.

So back in October (2015) I went to the Creative Festival located in Toronto (Canada) to take a look and see what type of selection of yarn they might have at the fair.  I’d never gone  to the Creative Festival before, and was curious what all was there.  It had a bunch of interesting things to look at, a nice selection of mid to high end yarn.  My favourite booth at the Creative Festival was the Yarnspirations booth.

At the Yarnspirations booth there was a much larger variety of colours and types of yarn available compared to my local Michaels store.  This had me standing over all the yarn for almost an hour trying to figure out which ones I’d bring home with me, much to my sister’s dismay (I dragged her along for company).  There were many styles and colours I would have bought, had I had a lot of money to spend.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a large budget so I settled on 6 balls of Patons Iced.  I got 3 balls of the colour “Mist” (24109797002) and 3 balls of the colour “Lilac” (24109797006).


At the time that I bought this yarn, it was so new that there were very few patterns available for me to follow, so I decided I’d make my own pattern.  I’ve decided to share this pattern with everyone now that I have my own site. 🙂

A quick tip about this yarn: it often goes from very thin to very thick which is a bit tricky to deal with.  I’d never dealt with this myself, but decided to try a pattern that would allow it to be easy to adjust to.  The way I decided to deal with the inconsistency in thickness was by making sure to crochet the thick parts tightly, and crochet the thin parts loosely to try to match how the thick part looked.





Winter Ice Infinity Scarf

Skill Level:  Easy
Sizing:  Approximately 58 inches in circumference (29 inches flat) and 7 inches wide.


  • L/11 Crochet hook. (8.0mm) – I used Clover Amour Crochet Hook (US Amazon/CAD Amazon).  Any 8.00mm crochet hook should work!
  • Yarn/Tapestry needle – I used Boye (CAD Michaels) but any needle that you can fit the yarn in should work!
  • 2 Balls of Patons Iced – I used the colour Mist.  I actually used maybe 1 1/2 balls or 1 2/3 balls.  It will not use all of the second ball.
  • Yardage: I’m not sure how much was used, but it is a little less than 2 balls of yarn.

About Country Loom Yarn by Loops & Threads:

68% Acrylic/29% Wool/3% Polyester
Super Bulky 6
3.5oz/100g, 85yds/77m

Stitches used:

  • CH (Chain)
  • sl st (Slip Stitch)
  • dc (Double Crochet)


TBD.  However gauge is not very important, if you crochet tightly it will be a shorter/thinner scarf, if you crochet looser it will be a longer/wider scarf.


  1. The chain 4 counts as a 1 DC and 1 SC.
  2. Scarf is worked in the round.
  3. This pattern is written in American Standard Terms.


Foundation: CH 150. Sl st to join round. Be careful not to twist chain when joining.
Row 1: CH 4, Skip first st. dc in 2nd chain from the hook, ch 1. *Skip 1 st, dc + chain 1.* repeat * until end of round (75 stitches)
Row 2: CH 4 and turn.  Skip first st. dc in the 2nd st from the hook, ch 1. *Skip 1 st, dc + chain 1.* repeat * until end of round (75 stitches).
Row 3-8: Repeat row 2.  Finish off and sew in the ends.

If you’d like a thicker scarf you can always add in more rows, or if you’d like a thinner scarf you can use less rows.

I hope you enjoy this free crochet pattern!  If you have any issues with it, please feel free to comment and I will do my best to help fix the issue.  Happy Crocheting!

Don’t want to crochet this scarf and just want your own?  This scarf is for sale in my Etsy store here.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!





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